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Books on a train; reviews; New York

Last weekend was really busy. Friday I went to the really very good V&A Ballets Russes exhibit (which was more about how to create theater than just about ballet; lovely artifacts, nice story, very multimedia with music everywhere) then went to a pub back in the city for a meet up with total strangers. Saturday W spent the day here with me setting up a stereo, eating lunch, and playing Samurai and Carcasonne, then I hoofed it to Highgate to see Drowsy Chaperone with booklectic, which I enjoyed very much.

Then a poor night's sleep and to London Bridge to go to Brighton with robot_mel and beluosus; I met them there so we could discuss our bookclub's Bimonthly Book, which was in this case Palace Walk by Naguib Mahfouz. None of us liked it, though B thought it was of higher literary merit than we did. Still, as ever, to discuss books with such intelligent people is always a treat; hopefully DH Lawrence will come out better in the wash. Brighton (for badgermind's birthday was fun & involved tea, cake, and eglantinedreams, then home for exhaustion.

Monday was Pilates at the Y with wechsler. It kicked both of our asses, and meant I've spent the rest of the week wanting to go again. Instead, I've been to two shows: the first a puppet play about gay men at the end of their lives called Or You Could Kiss Me; the second a wonderful show about a 50's phone answering service girl who tries to fix the lives of all of her clients & falls in love with one, but since it's the 50s there's both mob involvement and a Latin dance scene: "Bells Are Ringing," great songs, probably on the list for best of 2010, Union Theatre in Southwark and buy your tickets now djm this means YOU.

I leave for NYC Friday with babysimon, and my schedule looks like this:
Saturday: ballet PM, Karaoke with brother in law
Sunday: ballet matinee, hang out with Leia in PM
Monday: kayaking, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson PM
Tuesday: day free (!), PM dinner with Dawn (really having a hard time with the LJ handles but I will fix this)
Wednesday: switch from hotel to koaloha's pad; see Patrick Stewart in "A Life in the Theatre"
Thursday: New York City Ballet's fall gala with brother in law; day TBA possibly including back stage tour of a theater somewhere
Friday: Scottsboro Boys PM; day TBA
Saturday: ballet PM; day seeing NYC with koaloha
Sunday: may try to see a matinee of some sort but mostly GOING CRAZY by which I mean back to London.

Okay, have a 9AM meeting, really must leave.
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