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New York 2010 day one: High Line Park, NYCB, and special missing guest appearance

Today S and I got off to a lazy start, waking up at 8:30 (woo!) which was really great considering the jet lag issues. We then went to the New York Luncheonette around the corner for a pancake breakfast (though I cheated and got eggs because I wanted the hash browns). Then I went back to the hotel room and burnt some major bucks arguing with my bank on the phone; seriously, if my bank card was compromised, shouldn't they have told me before I tried to use it?

Money acquired, we went to Central Park via Radio City Music Hall and spent a good long meander getting some sun and trying to reset our internal clocks. Then it was first pizza of the trip (Mariella Pizza, not as great as Ophrah said per the sign in the shop) and then Chelsea, where I spent a good hour poking around in an antiques mart and yet only spent $8 (on glasses with poodles on them, so obviously necessities). Afterwards we wandered off in the direcction of the Chelsea Piers, which took us through historic Chelsea, but most importantly to the High Line Park, a totally awesome public space built on abandoned elevated train tracks. It was cool as shit and massively crowded and I loved it.

Then (legs rather tired this many hours later as it was 5 PM) we headed back to the little grass shack, where I took a nap and S propped up his feet for a while. Cups of tea, check email to confirm this n that with people, then off to the ballet, where we saw "Serenade," "Interplay" (a Jerome Robbins piece) and the "Brahms-Shoenberg Quartet." S did okay with the ballet but we'll see if he wants to go back tomorrow or not: the deliciously sunny weather may ensure a no.

Finally we headed to the Chorus karaoke bar, where one of the people I checked in with at 6 rather amazingly completely failed to show up. We waited until 11:30 - a good hour after he said he'd be there - decided it wasn't happening and went home to find a message from him saying "something came up with work." Seriously, how is it that people complain "our family just doesn't try to stay in touch" and then pull this shit? Anyway, that's my brother in law for you, and we were out $35 for some drinks we could have happily skipped out on based on our tiredness level. Ah well. I'm back home, I've had a shower, and my Saturday night in New York is over.
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