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New York 2010 day two: Brooklyn Bridge, NYCB, and vist with L

Today was another blazing day. I was still in a bad mood about being stood up by my brother in law and worried that maybe everyone was going to start blowing me off, but after breakfast I finally got L (current Shadow mom) on the phone and things set up for the evening and WHEW not everyone is willing to blow me off with four hours notice, after the fact.

We attempted to make it to Battery Park but trains were working against us, and it seemed like we'd made it only half way there in an hour, so when we surfaced to figure out just how we could make it to the southern tip of the island, suddenly there was the Brooklyn Bridge and the weather was nice so hey, why don't we walk across it? And we did.

We then puttered around in a little park on some former docks (I'm guessing), and by puttering I mean I got ice cream ($3.50 a scoop, ow) and S took photos. Then we decided to not trust to luck and actually leave very early to get to the ballet. We did actually arrive at Lincoln Center half an hour early, which gave us time to find Traviata Pizza and sample its wares (good).

The ballet itself was good - Chaconne seemed both sexless and senza brio, but act two we had the famous and deserving it Ashley Bouder in the Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux, which entirely smoked the rest of the afternoon. I thought it was good to see a whole program of Balanchine, but I was reminded of the Martha Graham company - so much of this stuff they're dancing is so old that the company is in danger of going hopelessly stale.

Then it was off to Brooklyn to see L and of course my beloved Shadow, who apparently had some kind of gland infection and burned through her India trip money getting it sorted. However, this could mean that I see her before so long, so lemons/lemonade. We had some Thai food and then went to the cool bar across the street that had just 6 months ago been an actual operating garage. Home by midnight and ... more tomorrow!
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