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New York 2010 day three: Staten Island, Neue Museum, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

So we don't seem to be getting as much done as we would have liked to.

Today we went to Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry (it's free!) but it was misting and had got a lot cooler so it wasn't really as good of a view of the Statue of Liberty and what have you as I would have liked. We just did the round trip, no visit to Staten Island per se, because we were going to the ....

South Street Seaport! This was our goal after the ferry, though as it was now lunch time we diverted to the DaVinci pizza restaurant on Water Street (good pie, lots of selections) on our way. When we arrived, we discovered.... it is closed on Monday, so no seeing the Alfred Stieglitz New York photos I'd wanted to see. And no seeing rather a lot of museums (such as the Whitney) that were also closed.

It started pissing down rain, so we went to the subway to visit ... The Neue Museum, which is open Mondays, but had a touring exhibit I did not care for and a mere two rooms of Klimts and Shieles, a real shame as it seemed like a big space but I thought the permanent collection would be just a bit bigger. (I discovered right now that I've missed a Henry Darger exhibit, but I can remedy that in the next day or two.)

We then did a bit of shopping at Macys - or, rather, looking, as I found nothing I wanted to buy. We then headed back to the flat (as S was worn out) for tea and cupcakes (courtesy of the Cupcake Truck parked nearby), then headed out to see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, a fairly freaky rock musical which I will right up soon. Then Mexican food, home, and an early bedtime!
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