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New York 2010 day four: All About the Met (and D)

Today got to a slow start as my Ess A Bagel took FOREVER to get cooked. On the other hand, the cook remembered me and the lady behind the cash register was asking me questions about what to do about accessing her daughter's school records (as I am apparently a computer whiz). Unfriendly New Yorkers? Haven't seen them!

Then S and I headed to the Met to meet up with L and her mom. This was a long trip to the Met - we stayed until it closed! Highlights were the room full of Georgia O'Keefes (never get to see her in the UK, really) and this crazy French art deco panel from a luxury liner that was entitled something like "The History of Shipping" and was massively overdone in gold and shimmering stuff. It was actually impossible to ignore as we walked by the gallery it was in, even though I tried hard as I was Actively Avoiding Furniture (a good way to lose a lot of time in the Met). And we finally saw the Temple of Dendur!

On the way to visit lastwordy I finally got to visit a Vosges shop, and I'm now the owner of two boxes of truffles and a bacon chocolate bar. Then it was Koreatown again and a rather long dinner with lastwordy involving 2 bottles of shochu (babysimon apparently didn't realize that every time he emptied a glass, I'd refill it, which means he was quite schizzled by the end of the evening) and ultimately a trip to a bar (Blarney Rock, not fancy but cheap and completely fine for amaretto sours). We caught up about our families and talked shit and generally whooped it up - all that was missing was ballgowns and tiaras, which apparently were what she was wearing on Saturday night. Alas!

We actually got home at a reasonable hour, but I've spent most of the night writing up my Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson review (now done) and discussing the rest of the week's plans with koaloha, which will involve Scottsboro Boys, A Life in the Theater, and a trip to a rocking flea market. Meanwhile tomorrow I've got one last day with babysimon and we're going to make the most of it and head back to the freaking museum to see the Stieglitz exhibit - we saw two photo exhibits today, one of mixed modern stuff, the other Hipsters, Hustlers, and Handball Players: Leon Levinstein's New York Photographs, 1950–1980, which I found pretty groovy, and what with all of the mentions of the Photo-Secession movement and Gallery 291, we're primed for the Stieglitz. Go go gadget art fiend!
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