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New York 2010 day five: Stieglitz, Brooklyn, Life in the Theater, Marie's Crisis

Today seemed like one in which I could have fit a bit more in ... but am glad I didn't. Up in the morning, S went to get a new computer while I chilled in the flat and slowly packed. We checked out at about the last moment possible, then went to the South Street Seaport Museum to see the Stieglitz exhibit we'd missed on Monday. We also got to see an exhibit all about the French luxury liner The Normandie (the interior of which we'd admired the day before at the Met), and toured a ... um, wooden masted boat, the Peking. Then it was off for slices at Lisa's Pizza and S and I ended our trip together.

I then went to Brooklyn to find koaloha, who appeared shortly after I arrived at her flat near Atlantic Avenue. We sat in the back and had tea and gossiped, then I dashed off to the very nearby Target and felt my pent up consumer desire blow a hole through my wallet (resulting in new socks, underwear, pyjamas, and cute Halloween t-shirts - plus BooBerry). I came back in good time for us to head back into the city for a 7 PM showing of A Life in the Theater after first stopping for a quick slice at a place called, I think, New York Pizza, about which I want to say IT AIN'T WORTH $6 A SLICE BUDDY. But I did manage to get some Red Hots at the Walgreens on the way, so yay for that!

The show was funny and a bit hammy (the audience was eating out of Patrick Stewart's hands) though ultimately enjoyable (though $75 was rich for my tastes). We finished nice and early at 8:30 (hurray for 90 minute shows with no interval) and headed to Chelsea to the Tipsy Parson, home of good Southern food (bbq ribs, thyme biscuit, and fried green tomatoes for me).

We ended the night at Marie's Crisis, which was suffering a bit from non-local-itis due to an article about it appearing in the New York Times last week, but we ignored the looky loos and got our groove on, signing along to South Pacific and Anything Goes medlies, enjoying some gorgeous solos, and making my own contribution ("I Enjoy Being a Girl") to the night. (Comment: "My God, an actual woman is going to sing that song?") We got home at about 12:30 and then puttered around the house until I was absolutely sure I'd lost my computer cable somewhere, mostly likely at the hotel. Boo. Time for bed now, and I'll get that show review written sometime ... tomorrow.
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