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New York 2010 day six: Henry Darger, NYCB, and Congee Palace

Oh, I was a happy, happy girl sleeping until nearly 11 o'clock today, straight through my hostess's departure and well beyond, as I was a bad girl and did not go to bed until 2 last night. Such pain and no actual theater blogging was done! I wound up having to hustle my ass to get out to the Folk Art Museum, though (skipping breakfast altogether - I wound up getting a Philly cheese steak at a food truck near Rockefeller Center), as I had a 2:30 Date With Destiny (or rather with koaloha).

The Darger exhibit (my icon is a picture by him) itself was quite small, and I actually was kinda aggravated by the captions. So much of what they had to say was based on the authors' trying to interpret Darger's emotions about his life: "he liked little girls because he wanted to have a family" "these were very sad because he was a lonely man" "he collected art because ..." I mean, really, they had NO IDEA how he really felt about anything - none of these people knew him personally, as near as I know the only person who has ever been interviewed and even kind of knew him was his landlord, and I'm positive he did not talk to her about being traumatized by being orphaned as a child. I also found the entire assertion that he was an "art collector" most spurious. I mean, people put shit up on there walls pretty much everywhere, that does not make them "art collectors." (Hmm, maybe I should go back and come up with my own ideas about the works and possessions of his on display - the Folk Art museum runs a scholarly stipend to study Darger and I could probably say more than these people.) He did, however, make collages and then frame and hang them, and they were cool. There were also two or three full panels of his Vivian girls work on display, and they were most enjoyable, especially as they had some of the source work also on the walls.

The rest of the museum was: two floors of quilts (I liked the hollyhocks quilts but this is not my area of enthusiasm); a floor of representations of people: and ... hmm, carved duck decoys, weathervanes, etc. I blazed through the gift shop and then ran over to my hotel; they did have my computer plug there. Then it was BLAZE BLAZE up to Lincoln Center. I arrived 10 minutes late but all was well and I got a tour backstage at the Koch Theater. Highlight was seeing Ashley Bouder rehearse; lowlight was ... well, there wasn't one, really, and as an extra prize I got a pair of tickets to Saturday's matinee. Yay!

Afterwards koaloha and I went to Old John's Luncheonette, where she had a salad and a burger and I had a slice of real New York cheesecake. And a vanilla shake. Yum. Then she headed out and I went to the Barnes & Noble to kill time before the show (and get the new William Gibson book, 50% off hardcover) and have a cup of tea. 6:30 and back to the Koch, where my brother in law appeared fairly close to time, then in for the show. It was only a two hour deal as it was the big gala, with all sorts of folks in fancy clothes and paparazzi to take pictures of them; sadly, the dances were kind of dumbed down to suit them (in my opinion). I enjoyed Balanchine's "Tarantella" and "Western Symphony" but could have skipped the first two pieces.

The good news about it being done by 9 (in time for the suits to have some kind of fancy hoo-hah after the show) was that it left us time to go have dinner in Chinatown: Congee Palace, here we come! I was unable to resist a $5 lychee martini on top of my also very cheap dinner. We had a good visit then headed back to Brooklyn for the evening. So overall, a good day!
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