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New York 2010 day seven: Ellis Island, plate lunch, and the Scottsboro Boys

Today I woke up with my legs and feet aching and things didn't really get better for them. However, I did discover the most charming Flying Saucer Cafe at 199 Atlantic Avenue, which is like a blast from the 1980s coffeshop past, only with a really nice garden in back. I was met there by L and her mom, and we headed off to Battery Park and the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island tour.

However, since it was a FABULOUS day, the whole world apparently had the same idea, and we had to wait 90 minutes between the time we bought our tickets and the time we actually got on the boat. This made me decide to skip the Statue of Liberty, as I felt like I was barely going to get to see Ellis Island in the time before it closed. I was right; by 5 PM I'd only seen the interior of the main building, and not even most of the exhibits inside. But I was tired and it was time for me to get a move on, so I said goodbye to L&T and headed back to Manhattan.

Next stop was the TKTS office right near the South Street Seaport Museum, where they had Scottsboro Boys tickets but for $30 more than my coupon and cash only. So I gave up and headed to the subway, stopping by L&L Hawaiian Barbeque at 64th Fulton Street to get a plate lunch. Oh man, Hawaiian teriyaki beef on rice with MAC and salad and only $7! I was in heaven. I took it with me to Union Square and ate it in the remaining sunlight, admiring the rather thick bunch of freaks hanging out in the park. Then (boring bit) I attempted to shop, buy neither DSW or the Shoe Palace (or whatever it was called) understood the idea of a sensible, waterproof, low heeled boot in a 7 1/2 wide, so I gave up in frustration and headed up to Times Square.

I managed to get "the only ticket left your coupon is valid for" in the princely row N of the orchestra/stalls for Scottsboro Boys. It was really quite a show - not as musical as I was hoping, more of an experience. I sat around afterwards and talked to some black women about the show. Both of them found bits of it genuinely offensive. I'll try to do a good write up of it but ... later. It was good and I'm glad I went, but it didn't make me feel like I have to go back tomorrow and see it again. Instead, I'll be doing the Brooklyn Flea, then a 2 PM ballet, then ... well, who knows what the evening holds. Unfortunately I don't have anyone to hang out with ... so I can do whatever I want! I just don't know what that will be. Stay tuned for tomorrow!
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