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New York 2010 day eight: NYC ballet, Whitney, boots, Time Stands Still

Today was my last full day in New York and I started with a big plate of pancakes at a restaurant called Farm in Brooklyn. Service was good, the pancakes were large, but I was really turned off by the bacon, which was almost entirely fat with a shocking lack of meat in it. I guess it was gourmet by American standards but ... has living in England turned me?

Then it was off to Lincoln Center (after a few shopping stops) and my last trip to City Ballet. I got lucky in that the middle piece (by Millepied) was replaced with "Glass Pieces," the one piece of rep I really wanted to see but had decided to pass on in favor of getting to the airport at a more reasonable time. Trying to pack as much in as possible, I dashed from Lincoln Center to the Whitney - walking the whole way as I was unable to find a cross town bus (though this meant I got to hear a Beatles singalong at Strawberry Fields as I crossed Central Park) - but then discovered they were a "pay full price place" instead of "by donation" at least until 5:30 when they were free - but I picked up a map to figure out what I wanted to see and I got in for free, hurray!

Unfortunately I didn't get to see any Kienholz or George Still (though some Hoppers & a few other modern masterpieces, including a lovely Claus Oldenburg floppy toilet), but I went down to the temp exhibition area and saw an awesome show by Charles Burchfield, who did kind of psychedelic landscape paintings (at least that's what I saw in his work). It was the kind of really inspiring show that made you want to get out there and start doing art. (My favorite painting was The Sphinx and the Milky Way, but I can't find a picture, alas.) I was inspired enough to buy the book, then was chased out of the museum. Oops!

With almost two hours to my show, it seemed like the perfect time to ... go shoe shopping! I took koaloha's advice and went to Harry's Shoes, which was, for me, the ultimate shoe shopping experience - a whole store full of brands I like, with many I did not know but developed a craving for, salespeople who knew their stuff (she went EXACTLY to a low heeled, waterproof boot available in wides), and YUM I could have really dropped a packet. As it was, I got replacement boots for this winter and managed to make it to New Pizza Town on 78th AND get to Times Square in time for my show.

Time Stands Still had a celeb heavy cast but a story I was not enjoying: basically, a couple that's been together for a long time has their relationship fracture as they want different things and both are failing to make the other happy. The man has unresolved anger at the woman. The show ends with them going their different directions. A real pick-me-up, eh? To make it worse, the young woman played by Christina Ricci was nauseating as a character, too sweet to be believed. Bleah. Laura Linney's character was great, though. Ah well, with my last seat at the top of the balcony for $25, I guess I got what I paid for.

After this it was back to Brooklyn with my ill-gotten gains (candy from Walgreens, boots) and time for bed! Tomorrow I'm skipping shows in favor of spending more time with folks and not rushing around so much. K needs me to get up at a reasonable time as she's heading off to the airport and needs to return the part of the flat I've been sleeping in to a less bed-like state ... and I am tired. Man, I am actually looking forward to getting home - wish I was leaving earlier!
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