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Today, and Review: "A Life in the Theater"

Work has been a mess this week due to the reorg. I don't feel motivated to do my longer term focused work as I've been too busy catching up on "do you have a job" and "what are you going to do" and "can I leave at 4:30 today like everyone else" although somehow I haven't turned this into "here's the rest of the reviews from New York." I do, however, have my review of A Life in the Theater done, about which I can say: gosh, what a fun show. I like Patrick Stewart on stage: he is a very skilled actor. No explaining why he wasted so much time in television but I'm glad he's made it back to his home!

Er. So. Today. Um. Work? Went to the gym for the first and only time this week if you discount Pilates. Stressed over whether or not I'm going to get a lodger in this month (I'll know tomorrow). Stressed over money. Bid the day a happy adieu at 6 and went to booklectic's for dr_d's birthday dinner, which was shadowdaddy's Mighty Meaty Meatballs. They went over a treat and even H dug in seriously. Afterward we all played The Polling Game, a gift (of a sort) from wechlser, and it was good fun. I drank kind of a lot of wine.

Tomorrow: spending the day in Bracknell looking at demo of test platform I've had created for me. I expect stars to shine brightly over the town tonight; rumor has it I'm visiting with Three Wise Men, or at least one, plus me. Then I will see if I have a roomie and then I will go see Birmingham Royal Ballet. Sometime this weekend I'll write, under a f_lock, in much greater depth about the reorg at work. It's getting to be either like The Deerhunter or Deliverance, take your pick. I will also do some gardening, as my flowers have shown up from both the Hortus Bulborum and Alan Shipp hyacinths. Chances are I should put in a fat order from Dobbies, but I've been too lazy. Hmmm ... but I'm gardening next Saturday as well ... maybe I should go for it!
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