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Can't accomplish anything at work right now

I have had a medium sized project of mine reassigned to someone else, to my extreme pleasure. That leaves me a tiny project and a behemoth to work on now. Unfortunately, the tiny project is blocked by some configuration issue right now and I'm spinning my wheels.

Fortunately, there's the New York Times' Top 25 Most Emailed Articles to entertain me. Selected quotes from selected articles:

"As for those better communication skills the Bush administration wants to teach low-income groups, particularly regarding "difficult issues" like money: that could backfire. If the lower and middle classes did start communicating better about money, that could include communicating to their elected representatives that they're fed up with condescension and election-year pandering for conservative votes while central issues in their lives like jobs, pay and working conditions are studiously ignored."

"When the Super Bowl comes, there is going to be thievery," Mr. Luce said. "People want guacamole."

" "His Dark Materials" ... make a breathtakingly subversive attack on organized religion and on the notion of an all-powerful god. The trilogy has already been criticized by church organizations alarmed at its preference for humanism and for its depiction of a cruel fictional church that is obsessed with what it regards as the sexual purity of children but blinded by its own lust for power."
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