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Review, "Time Stands Still:" a comic title given my life

I updated my list of shows seen this year and I am already just SIX away from the total I saw last year. Wow. It was my resolution to see FEWER shows this year, but to enjoy them more. And I think I have been enjoying them, although, really, I am feeling a wee bit burnt out at the mo. I was totally unable to connect with Romeo and Juliet on Tuesday, though I did have a wee little wow moment at last night's Birmingham Royal Ballet show, so I'm not totally broken. However, I am not going to bother to write that show up; I'm just too damned tired and don't have enough time - in part because I'm seeing so many shows. Tonight was Ex Cathedra's Monteverdi Vespers with Robin (have forgotten LJ name) and Dan - very pretty but in the future I MUST have the words and translation with me so I can get full effect.

And here it is a quarter til two and you know what I've been doing since midnight? I've been finishing up a review from last week: Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies. I figure most people going want to see Christina Ricci, or maybe Eric Bogosian or Laura Linney: but, as it turns out, it's actually a pretty good play.

That said: it's late. Busy day tomorrow with a guest over for brunch, a trip to Wimbledon for lunch, and then a guest for dinner. I need sleep!

PS: 7 posts and one comment? Thank God for Twitter, LJ is a ghost town!
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