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Cold snap!

Man, it got cold SO FAST this week - 42 this morning and last night. It's already time to pull out the gloves - think my autumn clothes only lasted one month!

I'm working from home today, listening to "TARTINI - Locatelli Trio - Sonata in G " on the Baroque music station I like to listen to when I've got access to a fat pipe. To be honest, I've only done 5 minutes of work so far - I'm cranking up really slowly today. I've got two dull, dull documents to read and I have to do a review of myself so that it will be waiting in my boss' inbox for tomorrow. Dull, I know, but I have a good afternoon to look forward to.

Someday I am hoping I don't feel like my life is me just barely skating by financially. To think that when I bought two cases of wine this summer that six months later it would seem like an incredible extravagance to buy even one! (Which of course I am not doing.) The sadder thing is that I never had people over to polish off the wine like I hoped I would. And eventually my finances will settle down - I'm working on figuring out where my good level is and what my goals are right now. My financial "goal" right now is just to make it through the month without drawing down my savings. I realize in some ways I am lucky to have any savings but the way the buckeroonies have been rushing out of my hands I won't have any at all if things don't change. It would be sad to have to substantially give up seeing plays but I know I've lived much more slimly than I am now ... but it makes me sad that changing the circumstances of my life is basically kicking away the things that I enjoyed about the life I've got now as "unaffordable pleasures." Forget buying a house, forget new clothes, I wasn't buying them anyway, hello sitting at home.

Anyway, I should be glad I have a job, and I am, but not because I'm just happy to be employed; I'm happy I have a job I enjoy. And I ought to do it. Though possibly I should make another cup of tea first.
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