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The things I want I cannot have

Oh, what a lazy, lazy Saturday I am having. I have wechsler over to keep me company while I potter around the house; it was supposed to be a "go take an autumnal walk in Richmond Park" day, but the "heavy showers" forecast caused us to reschedule it in favor of "stay dry and don't do much." I fed him the leftover Moroccan chicken stew I made at booklectic's Thursday night; he seemed happy with it. God knows it held up nicely!

Cruelty abounds in the presentation of the Thursday Metro "style" edition: I didn't need to be pointed to a 135 quid dress that's perfect for me, but there it was. Hurray, red is in, but what I need is more green. I also liked this bracelet, but, well, trip to Inverness next weekend, it's no time to be blowing money now.

Last night was a really quality evening of ballet, a super strong mixed bill that I haven't bothered to write up yet. I went with mable_morgan, who has got to be one of my favorite people to go see ballet with ever. We had a good catch up about our lives and promised that we _had_ to hang out before Christmas. Sadly, she doesn't like panto, so we'll have to find something else to go see. Maybe Cinderella at Sadler's Wells would be the ticket.

URGH what can I say about the rest of the week? I managed to have dinner with trish_piglet and babysimon on Wednesday after Pilates, which was great, then I had my last Thursday night at booklectic's on Thursday - really, all of this time with people during the week is good for me. Work carries on in a state of turmoil, but hopefully my quiet weekend will help restore my sense of self - provided you understand that by "quiet" I mean one ballet, one play, one movie, and bookclub with robot_mel and beluosus tomorrow! I have probably 80 more pages of Lady Chatterley's Lover to read, but I cracked open Pursuit of Love and will have to exert strong discipline to get my focus back.
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