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The Highlands Express denial train

Despite thinking I'd just cancel and stay at home with foul black clouds covering me this weekend, I managed to pry myself off the Couch of Despair to come to Inverness with wechsler to visit our friend noirem.

Somehow we have shown up in the middle of autumn colors, and we're surrounded by a Brigadoon fantasy of pink clouds, yellow and red leaves, crimson berries, and tangerine vines. W came off the plane and breathed deeply: "It already seems so much cleaner here!" And it does; Inverness is unbearably beautiful and we have both been going, "Wow, I could really imagine living here." I somehow picked the most astounding B&B; the Ivybak guest house http://www.ivybankguesthouse.com/ , which is full of old carved wood, leaded glass, and-well, the room has two beds AND a fainting couch.

While the highlight of the evening was really dinner, I had a great time walking the River Ness Islands for their Halloween promenade "Malice in Wonderland." The islands were covered in fairly lights & glowing balls, and all around it teens were wearing very frightening Alice style costume (the cards who would randomly stop &block your way on the path v good) and reenacting scenes from the book. Bonus to the shadowplay "Walrus & the Carpenter" complete with screaming oyster girl. It was aining the whole time so we hurried a bit & my shoes & her raincoat proved inadequate to purpose; but it was very cool.

Off to our breakfasts now.
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