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Forgot to put my Oscar picks in!

I was going to add my picks for best top six Oscar categories last night, but got caught up in trip planning ... wait, I lie, I was reading a trashy science fiction book and loooving it after I got back from my EMG board meeting. Starring my picks for eventual winnter, I figure for best picture the nominees would be: Master and Commander, Lord of the Rings, *Cold Mountain, Lost in Translation (my fingers were crossed), and The Last Samurai (which I now know was displaced by Seabiscuit - hah!). Best actress - Diane Keaton, *Charlize Theron ... not as good choices as last year here, I won't waste any more time with the category. Best actor - Sean Penn, Russell Crowe, *Bill Murray (and no one from Lord of the Rings). I'd toss in American Splendor as a best screenplay nominee. Now I'm going to rush over to some real newspaper and see who actually made it in.

I brought in a CD of Indian movie musicals from the 60s today and my officemate is singing along with all of the songs. It's so cute!
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