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Nanowrimo (Vanity Fair) update 2

This is going to be an insane week for me as I have four nights of shows coming up and then a Rock Band party and then another show. WHOOSH. I will have to bring my computer with me so that I can get my reviews done on the tube on the way home.

Tonight I went to Pilates, which was a good session but a failure for me. Something happened when I was doing "short spine," the thing where you lie on your back on a kind spring-loaded carriage with your feet in these elasticized straps then hold your legs up and curve them toward the headboard until the strength of the straps pulls your legs all the way up and over your head and you're balancing on your shoulders. At some point the pulling of the legs and the movement of the carriage and suddenly gravity WOO and I didn't know which way things were pulling and I felt really off balance and my back grabbed real tight don't want to fall over even though I've been doing that exercise for years and it's one of my favorites. I'm seriously worried I fucked my back up, lightly, in a way that will ache for days, but right after class I couldn't tell for sure because the rest of me was exhausted. I also had a massive brain fail when we were doing "stomach massage" (balance on your butt on the springy carriate with your toes on a metal bar about a foot off the ground, then push against the bar until your legs are straight, repeat) when it got all complicated with arm movements and I just could not figure it out, my brain died. Finally we were doing a "mermaid" (balance on your hip on a box on the springy carriage with your feet stuck under a strap, then lean away from the strap so you're hanging off the side of the box with your arm over your head) where my foot slipped out of the strap (I couldn't get it short enough for me) and my hip totally clenched up to keep me from falling off (sorta "yay" but ow). I haven't had such a bad session in ages: I was totally distracted and incompetent.

Afterward W and I went to Lupita's for some Mexican food and it was deelish.

Work was a mess today. I went to the gym and read Vanity Fair while I worked out: today I'm at page 492. And with that it's time for bed.
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