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Review of FAR and comments on theater blogging

Things are bizarre at work. Morale is low. This led to this discussion, in which every person speaking has at least 7 people reporting to them:

PM A: Morale is low!
PM B: It's lower than last week!
PM C: It's because nobody knows what's going on!
PM A: Yes, the all-staff call is a week late!
PM B: People want to know what's going on, but they don't!
PM C: People just want to hear something!
Me: Hey, why don't we do a weekly chat with the whole group, all 70 of them, and just tell them what we do know, what progress we've made, what we don't know still, and then maybe let them ask questions?
PM A: ...
PM B: I'm not doing it.
Me: I'll bring cake.
PM C: This will be better how?
Me: We'll be doing something, even if it's just a little thing. And people like cake.

Yep, my American genius AT WORK. Behold.

In other news, I wrote up the dance show I saw last night, FAR, by the Wayne McGregor/Random Dance company. The sad thing is that I yawned all the way through it and could not really keep focused on what was going on - not a problem with the Bolshoi as I recall. I'm also helping set up a theater blogger's get-together, where we're going to discuss forming an "association," kinda to help combat the shitty things people say about bloggers in the print media but also maybe to help set standards and maybe get free tickets. I was offended enough by some print journalist's random snark yesterday to write this essay in support of bloggers: I hope you will read it.
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