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Touring version of Chicago not so hot

I've been up packing for a while and I'm mostly ready to go to bed, but first I wanted to write about Chicago, which we saw tonight at the Paramount. As someone who just spent the last month watching Bob Fosse musicals and listening to the movie soundtrack and two different cast recordings of this musical, I wonder just what was I thinking going into a "Broadway show at the Paramount." They don't bring in very good talent - for God's sake, the biggest thing this show's Roxie had done was the touring version of Disney's "Alladin!" Velma couldn't dance, Amos couldn't act, and only Mama Morton could really sing. Everyone was miked, so you wound up hearing people's hair swishing or wondering why all the actors resembled telephone operators.
Okay, I admit, it wasn't completely miserable. I really enjoyed seeing the songs I'd only ever heard taped performed live and finally understanding how they fit into the show. "Roxie," "Razzle Dazzle" and at least one other song really were exciting. The courtroom scene was just great live. And, as near as I can tell, the audience loved it. Did anyone but me wish they were seeing Bob Fosse's real choreography and listening to real singers? It's not like it's fair to expect to see Chita Rivera and Gwen Verdon, but gosh, this was all just such a step backwards from the movie rather than forwards, and I could even see during Velma's big number that if she'd just been a better dancer it could have actually been a pretty cool scene.
At any rate, I'll try to update from La Paz, but basically it's tacos, tequila, and toasty temperatures for me for the next five days (plus night after night of Puerto Rico), so don't expect to hear much.
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