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Behold, I am retail woman

So I am totally Office Job Girl. I have been since 1995. But today I worked retail - not a full eight hours but very close, including a stint from 11:30 until 2 that I don't really remember. Basically I looked up, I looked down, WHOOSH time had passed. At one point we had almost 90 people in line, four people trying to help them get through faster (here's a speedy check out that only sells two items and is cash only! here is a self-check out! here is someone to help you find the right line! here is me helping you do other things!), and 12 tills manned and we just could not do it fast enough. Later the manager says he gets letters from Central HQ telling him off for not meeting the serving customers fast enough targets and asking what he's going to do to fix it. I don't know, can he magically hire more people and build more counters and make everyone not come to our shops on the last posting day before Christmas? Wel,l not really, but they still ask, and he hates it.

Man, and everyone treated me like one of the team, and I felt really useful, and it was WAY more fun than being in No Morale Town for the day.

Afterwards I decided to see a play with Jonathan rather than going to Pilates all alone and that was decidedly not a bad plan despite the fact I felt like I'd been run over by all of Santa's reindeer. The good thing is that I still have the massively ugly shoes I bought back in Tempe when I worked at Coffee Plantation so I have excellent support and no shin splints tonight. Also no aching toes. When I bought those shoes they cost me half a months' pay, and by God they are still earning their keep. Finn Comfort, I swear by them.

Anyway, I'm going back in tomorrow, but first I'm going to clean just a few more dishes from the party. Woo woo!

Oh the icon? That's my managerial tiara. Me working retail is me walking the walk, because I firmly believe you can't ask of people what you won't do yourself. And I have to ask for four days of this a year; and to have pride in myself, I can't give myself a free ride, but I have to get out there and do it myself. Walking the walk, baby, I do it and hold my chin up high. See you on the shop floor manana.
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