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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Back from La Paz

We're back, and I'm staying at home while Worthy Opponent goes to the store to get some milk, reading mail and trying to catch up with what happened while we were gone. I'm completely loaded with tequila and some truly beautiful tequileros as well as a few random presents bought as the mood struck me. I just know that tomorrow morning the whole thing will seem like I dreamed it.

It's cold here and very dark and it sounds like while we were gone the weather was shit. At least things are working out really well for Lily at her new home: I got an email from the woman who has her and she says she really wants to keep her. It's final, then, and it sounds like I placed her in exactly the right home.

I actually really missed blogging while I was gone, but only (I think) because I forgot to bring my diary. I've got a lot to say about my trip but I think I'll just stick to updating my other site with my travelog as I am rather too sensitive to causing people pain by clogging up their friends' lists with my endless ramblings. Drop me a note if you want me to tell you when all my "pearls of wisdom" are online. For those who want their pearls delivered neatly packaged, I will say I learned three new Spanish words (canales, profundo, bajo, all relating to being on the water) and am now fully cognizant of what will arrive on my plate if I order a "gringa" or a "mulete."

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