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Baby it's cold outside (21F!) - Kneehigh Theater's Hansel and Gretel

Massive highlight of weekend: getting four more days sorted out for January, including a game night, a show, a Xanadu night, and a girlie chat evening. This is the kind of thing that gets normal people excited, right? This is how I like my life to be, lots of things to do, lots of time planned with people, happy things to look forward to as well as Be Happy Now.

This was a very busy weekend. I haven't knocked out my review debt yet and will probably skip "Kate Bush's Christmas Acid Trip" from Friday; however, this afternoon's trip to Kneehigh Theatre's Hansel and Gretel is now recorded for posterity. Best thing about the show: seeing it with booklectic, whom I'm really going to miss while she's gone for Christmas. Wah. On the other hand, we're going to watch Xanadu together in January, and how awesome is that?

Rest of night was teaching new person to play Puerto Rico and then winning a bloody battle of four by all of one point, then trying this Board Game Mashup thing that's making the rounds these days. It was pretty cool but I suddenly realized at 9:15 I'd hit the wall and needed to go home, which is where I am now just having written a review, and the wall is staring at me and by God, it's way past bedtime. Tomorrow will be my last day of doing retail and I am ready for it to be over and the holidays to begin!
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