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I heard the horseshoe crabs on Christmas day

I am having a very nice Christmas, although I have this creeping feeling of DOOM that everything will go wrong suddenly kind of nibbling around the edge of my consciousness. wechsler is here with his brother Will and we've all been having a lovely time except that last night at least two of us were suffering from A Bit Too Much Duck. Anyway, we all played lots of games last night, Alhambra and Guillotine and Through the Desert, and as you might guess it was my idea of an ideal Christmas eve (just needed some American Christmas cookies to be perfect). The dinner I made was a hit, pretty impressive considering the key "I don't know what to do with this" item was prepared in an utterly made up way - the parboiling them turned them into near-mush, so I put them in a pan in a shape loosely approximating their normal one, melted some "sweet chile sauce" with some honey, poured that over the parsnips then zested some lemon peel on top and put in in the oven. Half an hour later: voila, something entire edible, which Will said were "the best parsnips I've ever eaten." He may have been feeding my ego but I liked it anyway. For dessert, we had baked apples stuffed with raisins and brown sugar, a recipe I've been carrying around with me since I lived on 13th street back in Tempe - it's actually from my neighbors at 70, written in their handwriting on yellow lined notebook paper. Ah, memories.

Anyway, here's a Christmas present for all of you, one I think is perfect. Horseshoe crabs!
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