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Work again, work again, poopety-poop

I walk in my office to 250 unread emails (but heard on the bus ride in a great story about how the Japanese instructor "laid hands" on my boss to help her get over her cold, thereby humiliating MelMel and causing the class to lose about half an hour of actual work). I much prefer days where my big decisions are "gee, where should I have breakfast, and do I want to snorkel or kayak today?" I'm happy to NOT be wearing the same, one warm pair of pants I had on every night of the trip ... it was cooler in the evening than I expected, and I underpacked, so I had to wear the pair I flew in wearing. Oddly, despite the fact the pants did not get washed during the trip, they seemed to fit more tightly every night ... what could it have been?

I brought back four different kinds of tequila and some lovely tequila drinking equipment, so there will have to be a tequila party at my house soon! Be sure I don't give you the one with the pin-sized hole in the bottom ... the one I found after I'd filled it full and set it on the table at the hotel. (In the link, our room is the one on the ground floor with the chair in front.)

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