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Tell me why - I don't like reorgs

So all energy has been sucked out of work since this summer, when we started getting going on this reorg that's cost 30% of the workforce their jobs. Morale has continued to be down. In addition to all the people that are going to be leaving still hanging around (they're making them work out their three months notice, it's inhuman), we also have a serious problem with not knowing what projects are coming up and just having a general lack of vision about where we're going. The new way of work? We don't know what it is. Yesterday, I looked at all of the people shuffling around and I felt like I was in the middle of a zombie attack.

"Morale is low," we say every week at my Thursday meeting. Nobody knows what to do. But get this: we're having a desk move on Monday, and because we don't have the money to pay the folks who do our IT stuff, everybody is getting a new phone. I can accept you have to push your tiny filing cabinet to your new desk, but the fact that everyone is expected to call the operator so they can figure out what their new phone number is just flabbergasts me.

All those years at Tripadelic, I hated how we handled reorgs and how often they happened. That said, Tripadelic looks like a model of efficiency and good management compared to how Il Postino is handling things. Dragging it out for six months? Insult to injury? Thank God I'm going on vacation at the end of this month, I'm probably not going for long enough!
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