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2 final PADI comments and notes about today

I forgot 2 things about the scuba training.

1. We had to use spit to defog our face masks. Given that even the shit dive shop in La Paz had defogger, I thought this was just the height of cheap and tacky.

2. When we were doing the in-water getting-back-into-your-gear exercise, one of the clips I'd just undone to get the thing off caught in my braid. It was embarassing (a little) and painful (a little more) and a huge fucking pain in the ass that I really hope never to encounter 20 feet below the surface.

Today I had a lazy day with french toast and then tacos and then a quick tube to Waterloo and the Puppet Theater of Terror! at the Southbank Center. (I'm going to write it up but I haven't yet.) Afterwards I met exedore and we went to dinner at the HK Cafe in Chinatown; with a little arm twisting he convinced me to go to a place called Amorino and have one of their 24 different kinds of hot chocolate for dessert. I got pooped out (I am still beat today) and headed back home at around 8. Now it's almost 10 and I've been cleaning the house and now reading a little bit (Last Dragonslayer, enjoying it a lot). I'm going to be getting in an early night, but first I have a review to do ...
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