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Making things happen; Becky Sharp review I MEAN BECKY SHAW!

So far in the last two days (both of which I've spent the evenings with friends, MOST satisfying), I've planned/been invited to
Pancake day (March)
A card evening
A night of Flamenco
A trip to Lyme Regis (to do some writing, don't you know)
A day trip "in the country" to go look at tulips

I find this all VERY satisfying. I like having thing things to look forward to and I like people inviting me to do things. It goes a long way to making me not feel lonely and isolated.

Tuesday night was "see a play by myself" night, but the play I saw was VERY funny: Becky Shaw. (I keep screwing up and calling it Becky Sharp, but in my favor if you've read Vanity Fair her name will be burned into your consciousness for all time, too.) It's an American play about "a date gone horribly wrong," but there's so much wonderfully right and twisted about the whole thing. I laughed pretty constantly at the dialogue as the lead characters said mean and bitter things to each other. The funny thing is that it was clear they actually really cared about it other, they were just horribly damaged people. Anyway, it's on at the Almeida until March 5th or so, and while I don't usually bother to pimp plays here (as I see few worth the effort), I think a lot of you would really enjoy this one.

Last night was the one year anniversary of the Degenerate Book Club. We celebrated by discussion George Sand's The Devil's Pool together, which I liked and they hated for very different reasons. The Degenerate Book club is really the best book club I've ever been in, we read nothing but literature that really challenges my brain and even if we don't have much to say about a book (we carried on about this one for a while), we always have a good evening visiting with each other. In fact, we'll be the ones going to Lyme Regis together. Our plan? "Book club on the train," which just seems like a good idea on the face of it, don't you think? The book we'll be reading is House of Mirth. I guess I'd better figure out where I've hidden it and get to work on reading it before too long.
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