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Washingtonians: get ready to go to a caucus this Saturday

Assuming you are all registered to vote ....

This is your only chance to have a say in who will be the Washington state-supported Democratic presidential nominee, as the Democrats have foolishly chosen to abandon a primary in favor of a stinking-ass caucus. This pretty much requires your personal presence at a meeting this Saturday. Everyone I've talked to finds this very confusing. Here's what you need to know about taking part in this Saturday's Democratic party caucus.

First, figure out which precinct you live in. The number are formatted thus: 37-1904, with 37 your legislative district and 1904 your precinct (if you're me).

Second, at 10 AM on Saturday show up at the polling place for your precinct. (This map is based on legislative district, but you need to know that and your precinct in order to figure out your caucus location. I'm going to an elementary school near my house.)

Once you get there, you will sign a piece of paper declaring you are a Democrat and state your preference for the Democratic nominee for president (undecided is apparently an option). You will have a chance to change your vote at ten thirty, but after that you're stuck. The whole thing should take an hour. More specific information can be found online at the Washington State Democrats' website. Feel free to leave after 11 if you don't want to participate in the platform creation.

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