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I'm writing as fast as I can (Putnam County Spelling Bee review)

This week has been almost an experiment or sorts (or perhaps it's been an experiment in several ways). I've been to see a show every night - something I haven't done for a really long while - months, really, before August at the earliest. But every show I've seen has been under two hours total, with no interval. Several have been 90 minutes long. This means I'm getting to bed at a reasonable hour - and I like it! Apparently my show stamina is much stronger with sleep. That said, I miss doing Pilates every week - or, rather, twice a week as I had been going to the Y once a week and to see Alison once a week - but I had to dial that down when I started counseling as my budget couldn't manage both.

Anyway, this has meant that I've been writing reviews at a furious pace, though fortunately the tasty flamenco guitar concert parsingphase and I saw on Wednesday at Sadler's Wells got a pass as I knew, in advance, I wouldn't be able to say much about it. (As it was, what I had to say was, "This show was over-amplified," but that didn't exactly merit a blog post.) I've finished Tuesday's show, The Putnam County Spelling Bee, but the show J and I saw last night, Blue Dragon, will have to wait. I found the show boring, even though it was performed in French and Chinese; it pretty much had nothing to say about Chinese culture at all and wound up feeling like a "Lifetime Television for Movie" production done on the stage. Thank God robot_mel and I didn't get tickets to see it; I would have been embarassed to have wasted her money.

Tonight's show is Eva Yerbabuena at Sadler's Wells, a show I think I'd wanted to take dreamsewing to but couldn't due to her work schedule. However, I'm getting to go with Alison, my Pilates instructor, and I'm happy about that. But I'm not going to get much of a rest even on Saturday, as the plans are for shadowdaddy and me to go to Dover Castle while the English Heritage membership my dad bought us for Christmas over a year ago is still good. Then we'll see his play, Double Falsehood, though fortunately I don't have to review that show, either ... can't really write about something where you know someone who was involved with it, don't you know. And whew!
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