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Review, Eva Yerbabuena

You know, I wasn't going to do it but I went ahead and wrote up the Eva Yerbabuena show from Friday. Most of my good memories are of sitting in my seat with Alison on my side making comments on the boy dancers' cute butts but I didn't add that into the review - let's just call it some flavor.

Yesterday was just full up, I felt at one point like I was going to have a nervous breakdown but I was pretty sure I'd just had way, way too much caffeine. I was up at 10, at Oval at 12:30 to meet Josh and Mark (I'm in love with Mark, he's the smarted guy I've met in ages and a sweetheart, very happy for Josh to have found such a good partner), spent 90 minutes gossiping about my trainwreck of a life but then wonderfully transitioning into talk about Egypt and Johnny's Seasoned Salt and all other sorts of nonsense, then back to theirs for a brief visit.

They drove me to Marylebone (what! Driving to John Lewis - in Central London? Shock!) for my spa appointment with lovelybug. This turned out to be a bit of a joke as the address on the Groupon did NOT match the location of the spa. It took us almost an hour to get to where it actually is, and then we had to wait for another 30 minutes or so to be seen. Still, we had a great visit, we loved being steamed and exfoliated (though I got a little overheated in the steam room - lightheaded - and had to go cool off), and we were both nice and mellow for sitting on the soft couches and decompressing afterward. So yay in general.

Then believe it or not it was rush back to Tooting to meet a total stranger for dinner at 7:30. We had a good chat about horses and plants over a bottle of wine and plates of Indian food and it looks like I've found someone to go to the Bartabas horse/man show at Sadler's Wells. We yapped on until 9:30. Overall, a good day but MAN I do not know the concept of a "relaxing Sunday."
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