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Am I busy? Yes I am! Alice in Wonderland review

This week has been a blur. I think there's been a lot of stress stuff going on - God knows this past weekend I was a wreck. I was very stressed and wanted to hide at home and even the thought of being around people who just make me mildly uncomfortable was too much - I was in full-on social phobic mode. Mr. Wechsler did a nice job of shepherding me though all that.

Things started improving, I don't know, Monday, when I realized my boss wasn't going to talk to me at work, and I had a full slate of things to entertain and distract myself with. I saw Jordi Savall play at Cadogan Hall on Monday night - he was amazing as ever and I thought, Wow, why can't I see him play more than once a year? Tuesday I had counselling and made fried chicken at home and watched nature videos. Wednesday I went to the Royal Opera House and saw the brand new ballet version of Alice in Wonderland. I found it mixed. More even was Northern Ballet's Cleopatra, which I went to see in Leeds last night. It's all really strange to me, this traveling to see art and spending the night away from home and doing all of this stuff by myself, but rather a lot of the last year has been about this kind of thing and I guess I'm handling it alright although I really wish I had someone to talk to and hang out with right now, tonight, as I sit here at home.

Tonight I was supposed to go with someone I had hung out with once to see the Bartabas/Ko Moborushi butoh done with horses thing at Sadlers Wells. Person in question blew me off. The show was really good; it seemed to be dwelling on very Japanese concepts but the narration was not really good for the show, I think. Too bad thewronghands wasn't there; she would have been a perfect companion. At any rate, I wanted to see it badly enough to go by myself, and always had been willing to do so; I'm aggravated that I wound up paying for two tickets, though. There was probably someone in London who would have killed to go if they'd just known they could get in as the entire run is very sold out.

Anyway, gardening tomorrow, and recovery from so much going this week. And the radio station I listen to here ("Smooth Radio") has been playing all the disco hits, and has just moved on to Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough." All these years and I still don't understand the words.

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