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Gardening; Cleopatra ballet review

This has been, I think, a very successful weekend, despite my being stood up on Friday night. Yesterday Sophie (a game designer I met on Twitter) came over a bit before lunch and got to work in my garden; she's missing hers and has become an "itinerant gardener" paid in the fine salary of home made lunches. wechsler showed up just in time for the stacked enchiladas I made; afterward we "dug back in" and just ripped through six months of weedy and brushy growth. The weeds are really knocked out now, and I think the hazels are finally done for; perhaps I'll actually have some luck growing dahlias this year. Then it was time for tea and crumpets and warming up - it was very cold all day - and Sophie went home and wechsler and I went out for some nice curry. Really, exactly what I'd be hoping my life here would be like, loving my house with its garden and feeling very homey and centered - the total opposite of how I felt last weekend when work was driving me crazy.

I just barely managed to get my review of Northern Ballet's Cleopatra (the ballet, which I kind of think robot_mel might like as it's pretty close to the actual history, so keep in mind for May when it's at Sadler's Wells) done before Sophie showed up, but I'm still behind two reviews, one for the butoh thing and one for the puppet show I saw last Sunday. But really, what I need to do is clean my house, as I won't be here for most of the next three weekends, go to Amy's house for the stich 'n bitch, timing it just right to hit the Ritzy in Brixton for the King's Speech. And then go out to dinner. I don't really see how the writing is going to happen at this rate. Solution? Nap. The shows have both closed anyway and I need the sleep.
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