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Whoosh! Love Love Love review

Wow, I posted on Twitter that I was looking for a roommie, and 10 minutes later got a response from someone in the Twitter theater community that she was looking, and for the price and dates I was offering ... she came by that evening and is moving in April 1. So for two or three months or so I will be having a female theater junkie living with me, and I'm exciting about having someone who I can come home and witter on about shows with. It'll be fun!

Speaking of which I went last night to Watford (somewhere north of London) and saw a very good play called Love Love Love. I think the play imagines it's about how selfish the hippie generation was (and how they're responsible for how shit England is now) but in fact it's really about how fucked up families can be and still function. I really enjoyed it a lot.

Tonight I went and saw a show called the "Hot Mikado" up in Finchley (at the Arts Depot, no, I can't really tell you where it is either). It was definitely an amateur production and while I enjoyed the songs and dancing and the way it had fun with the real Mikado but it was just too sloppy in too many important ways to actually refer anyone up there unless they're a desperate G&S fan looking for a new good time (or they have a friend in the show in which case they already know about it). The Seattle Gilbert and Sullivan society did not have actors who flubbed lines. And it wasn't horrible, but ... though truth be told I liked it a lot more than Ordinary Days.

Of course it doesn't help that I'm sick. I came down with something yesterday and spent the day in a conference blowing my nose and sneezing. Thank God the last talk of the day involved two women wearing super hero costumes and attempting to kindnap a giant stuffed ladybug and (later) sing Abba songs with the lyrics changed to be about software testing. It was utterly surreal and I loved it.

Cold or no cold I'm off to Inverness tomorrow to visit noirem, a trip I've owed her since Christmas. I think it will be lovely to see her and her lovely boy and I'm looking forward to four days with no work. Oddly despite the major bad things that have happened this week I'm feeling fairly calm and not stressed out by life. I'm also really enjoying reading Gods Behaving Badly, a book varina8 gave me when I came to Seattle.

Calm. Good. I'm wondering if my mental health strategy, and the Get Happy plan, are actually working. I'm avoiding stressful events and people, focusing on doing things that make me happy (like reading silly books and seeing my friends), and taking care of myself with Pilates (also good for serotonin I think) and counseling. I feel like I'm bouncing back faster from bad things. That does kind of make me think I'm on the right track. Who knows, maybe it will stick.
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