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Book meme day 7

7. What fictional character are you (secretly) in love with? My earliest book crush was on Calvin from a Wrinkle in Time. It's been so long since I read it - over 20 years now and possibly 30 - that I can't remember too much from it, but I remember how supportive and kind he was toward her. I was going to name my son after him if I ever had one (even then knowing I wasn't planning on having kids, but always fun to do the name game). These days I tend to have a crush on Vampire Bill from the Sookie Stackhouse books, even though he's supposed to be mean to her - though it's only stuff you hear about and never what you see. You see him being loving and devoted and always being there when she needs him. That's a good boyfriend. Pity about him being dead. It's been so long now I should probably go back and re-read A Wrinkle in Time again, I think I'd enjoy it.
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