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Book meme day 8

The last book you acquired, and how (begged, bought, borrowed?)

Well, this one - excluding the cookbooks I just bought as souvenirs of my trip - is easy: I had bought a copy of The Masterpiece to read for book club and LOST IT. Somewhere in my house, on the bookshelves, under a bed, LOST. This was bad as I only realized this about three days before I left on vacation and I desperately needed the book to be with me when I went on vacation so I could actually get it done in time for the meetup. But as it happens, someone from work - this nice guy who sits across from me - read Zola and had a copy! So he brought it in for me and I took it on my trip and successfully finished it before I got home.

Of course, as I was packing for the trip, I found my copy of the book, but ... I brought and read his anyway. And it was pretty cool - the characters may have been a little cardboardy but it was full of melodrama and amazing depictions of Paris in 1880. I may read more of his stuff but I'm not sure yet if I should or if I should just leave it at this one.
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