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Doing pretty well all things considered

This week started with a rather rude jolt to my system as I returned to work after two weeks off. I hadn't taken that long of a vacation since I moved here; being at work felt positively unreal. Few people seemed to be in, either.

Oddly rather than plunging right back into the theater my goal this week has been to see my friends in as thick of layers as possible. And this has been great: I saw Jason on Tuesday (review of the Secret Cinema event we went to here, which was great as I'd been missing him a lot while I was away and the movie itself was great. Then Wednesday I went to booklectic, where I got the royal treatment from her and dr_d, both of whom appear to have grown quite fond of my cooking (whereas I am fond of them, their family, their hospitality, and the way I feel so comfy and at home every time I see them). The evening wrapped with watching the very freaky Footlight Parade. Thursday I had Pilates with Alison then went to a nearby pub for a meeting of the Degenerate Book Club (and hanging out with Bill and Mel), which meant lots of bullshitting and gossip and all of the wild talk that we get up to together. They're so awesome, I think a trip to Ephesus and the other Greek ruins on the Turkish coast is a must.

Friday then was drinks with lovelybug and then Rock Band with L & N, S & T, and W. All of the singing and drumming and what have you (read: wine) left me feeling jolly and happy with the world and my friends and everything else (the stars in the sky, you name it, I blame the fact the taxi driver was playing my happy times 70s disco channel on the way back home).

Today I was hoping to see Robin/Brrd (as she's moving back to the US soon) but her plans changed and I got a bonus trishpiglet instead to keep me company as I was trying to make up for about three weeks of neglecting my house (not successfully, though - it looks better but I could do it all again tomorrow before I got to something I was happy with, but I won't). Then it was up north to see dreamsewingmiko, who showed me a lot of the cool goodies she rescued from her storage unit in the US, fed me, and measured me for the dress we've been working on (it should be ready in time for Halloween). I stayed until late, drinking wine and talking shit and looking at the details of the Flamenco festival I'm hoping we can go to in Jerez in February next year. And believe it or not, though I'm fatter than I was six months ago (no surprise after all of that Sicilian food), my arms are slimmer and my shoulders are further apart - in short, my Pilates lessons are totally having an effect on my body.

Tomorrow should be similarly busy - I'm having tea with exedore at Eat Shop Drink at 12:30, then meeting Robin (above) for Il Pagliacci at the King's Head Theater, then going to the Islington Vue to see Thor with her and a few other friends. It's crazy but even though I'm not seeing shows (it's been almost three weeks) I'm actually busier than I normally am. Hell, I should slow down some night and walk back in a theater again - the rest would do me good. But all of this time with people, for me it's like sitting in a battery charger and watching my red change to orange and soon green. Love loooooove love it.
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