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Second trip to Erotic Art show

After putting in about 5 hours of work yesterday, I took my still half-awake butt home and did my duty with the contractor's visit (although I could imagine some other duties I'd like to do with him), then we ran down to Chinatown to catch the dregs of the New Year's festival. More was happening in front of the Malay Satay hut up in Little Saigon than down at Union Station, alas, but I was glad we went and it was fun looking at Japanese architecture books in Kinokuniya afterwards. Then it was home for a quick nap, then off to Tup Tim to meet Rachel +1 and Brandon +1. We all went to the ballet afterwards. It was kind of a corny program in places, unsurprising since a lot of it was from the mid-nineteenth century, but it was technically "Wow!" There is no doubt that Miss Carrie Imler was TOTALLY on top of her game, and it was very exciting to watch her. Well, it was for four of us - Brandon and Mr. Rachel were more of the Dave Barry school of ballet appreciation. But at least they thought the dancers were cute, and everyone enjoyed the chocolate cake at Dilettante afterwards.

Today was another day of tremendous ass dragging. I'm not sure why I'm feeling so crappy. It's only been a fifty hour work week. We went back to the Erotic Art Show, which was as mixed quality as I expected it to be. I kind of felt bad for not bidding on the nude oil painting that went for around $100 during the auction, but I don't have a money tree to help me. I got in an hour and a half at work today, found four bugs (quickly) and now was hoping to see Ascent at the Grand Illusion, only, look, it's a 7 PM and not a 9 PM film, and it's just not going to happen. Oh well, Year of the Ram at Mandarin Gate, anyone?
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