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Back home from the caucuses (caucii?)

The caucus was down the street from my house. There must have been four or five hundred people there, completely overwhelming the cafeteria of the elementary school it was held in. Final allocation of delegates was Dean, 40, Kerry, 18, Kucinich, 13, 1 Edwards, 2 Undeclared. I'm going to the district caucus in May as a Dean supporter. Oddly, I am now convinced Kucinich is the more liberal candidate (and thus the one I should support) - but I felt Dean had the kind of experience that would actually result in getting things accomplished. We'll see if he drops out in the next week.

After the caucus I went around and lobbied local politicos - asking City Councilman Dwight Pelz to support the monorail (he just flat out told me "No!") and to work with fellow councilman Larry Gossett to clean up the Youth Detention Facility that is half a block down the street from my house, asking City Councilwoman Jan Drago to help our neighborhood get the cultural center we want and to get the council united against the mayor. She said Nickels is a Chicago-style mayor - an interesting comparison and one I think that is correct. Larry Gosset was there too, but I just gave him a hug because he's been so good to us I don't have anything else to ask him for. I also got a lot more names together for our little neighborhood email news group, so that will help with organizing our efforts later.

Now I'm going to make a proper breakfast, grilled sausages and crumpets with eggs and cheese on top. I'm hungry and still pretty wiped out from the party last night.

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