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A fun 18th anniversary

Yesterday J and I had a rip-roaring time celebrating our 18th anniversary, which is apparently the "porcelain" anniversary (the year you remodel the bathroom). We started by heading to Worcester Park to meet up with booklectic and dr_d, but at some point the train going to W Park at 10:38 became a train going to Hampton Court at 10:38 (our train was two minutes late, our brains probably were three hours off), and due to being exhausted we only realize when we got to "Berryland" that we'd got on the wrong train. This meant we detrained in Surbiton (never been there before) and called to beg for assistance as trains to W Park only run on the half hour Sundays. We laughed about how sad we were, found toliets, tootled around the high street (this was good as I needed to get a prescription filled and Boots was open), then gratefully hopped into the car and headed to our original destination.)

At 1 (after a Eurovision catchup) we left Busby Berkeley's Southside Hideaway (as I've dubbed their house) and headed off to Polesden Lacey, an "Edwardian party house" down in Surrey. They'd made a picnic, which we ate on the grounds, and we then went and checked out the tulip display (hot tip: Viridiflora "China Town", the irises (note: Pallida "Dalmatica" smells heavenly), the rose garden, and the overall lovely grounds (skipping the house). They had an ad for croquet lessons with cream teas on various Sundays over the summer; we're sold, but I don't think we can come back until September. Still, croquet, yes!

We were dropped off at the railway station and continued on our journey of adventure to central London, where we had a concert scheduled at St John's Smith Square. While the music was "nice," the counter tenor was actually ... well, not amazing, just fine. He hit his notes but didn't have any richness to his voice. And the religiosity of the program was getting on my tits (as they say). So at the interval, I suggested to J that we end our evening in a way well-suited to the two of us - drinking and playing games. So we headed down south, I poured, he dealt, and we got through three rounds of Lost Cities and four of Boggle (he won both). Sadly the Boggle game has lost one of its dice - unheard of! - so we were both playing with a handicap, not to mention the wine handicap. We'll have to see about replacing that game, we've had ages of fun with it but it's just no good with an empty square!

At any rate, overall it was a good evening, even if we were silly playing games until 11 like we did instead of calling it quits earlier and actually making a less exhausting evening of it. But we were having fun. I'd call it a very successful day, and tonight we're off to see another play, so conceptually it's an anniversary weekend much in the way people celebrate their birthdays over an extended period of time. Woo!
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