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Mississippi, full day 1

Arrived safely at 8PM last night after two late flights, but made my connection - American Airlines and Borders Control people were totally professional and on the ball.

Bought LaDuree macaroons at Heathrow, Vosges chocolate at O'Hare, and a raspberry margarita in Memphis. Convinced rapture had occurred as this was my idea of heaven.

In bed at midnight. Slept til 9AM. Woke up, made "eggs and soldiers" with eggs from my friend Mary's hens. Her youngest was fascinated; her oldest decided to softboil more eggs. Cue egg on the floor and counter but we all got enough to eat, as did the dog (who helped clean up).

Saw the garden; met the pigs; got an egg fresh-laid from one of the chickens.

Went on a scenic tour of the neighborhood after lunch that detoured by a Hispanic grocery (tortillas!) via a gas station (spicy pickle in a bag! Jesus loves you peanut brittle!) and wound up at WalMart (really garish sunglasses!). (I did not buy the pickle in a bag.)

Came back and played Phase 10 with Mary's oldest while younger one bounced around trying to get our attention and Mary napped. Made pasta with arugula for dinner with greens I picked from her garden (only with a bit extra grass, oops, but at least not a baby praying mantis like for lunch, which we saw before we rinsed the greens and released into the garden). Herded ducks into pen for the night; let Mary and the kids clean up the food while I got online :-D The kids all ate what I cooked; Mary said she loved it and I think she meant it.

So basically: a good day.
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