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Mississippi, missed a day

Well, last night was just extremely interesting. At ten we turned off the movie we were watching as we needed to get an early bedtime, then turned to the news. Tornado watch in the neighboring counties. Severe storm warning ours. People at a concert in Tupelo being advised to not go anywhere after the concert let out. Cue us emptying out the pantry where we were going to need to hide if there was a tornado, checking the weather online trying to get more news about where the storm was heading, and then lighting and thunder and madness and the internet going down just as I was trying to ask wechsler to call me if he heard of tornados being sighted in Prentiss county. It was not a good night's sleep.

Anyway, today we went to Faulkner's house in Oxford, Mississippi, after dropping the kids off so we could have a day to ourselves. It was fun and low key; I bought a copy of Faulkner's "Sketches of New Orleans" at a bookstore and we had frozen yogurt; I had a picture taken of me pretending to debate literature with Faulkner's statue. Then we picked the daughter up in Tupelo and headed back home for dinner. Whew! Still tired from not enough sleep last night, I think.
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