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More on Memphis

Well, not only did we get the hotel with the "Hell's Lovers" biker convention, but on our street is the "Babylon Strip Club" and, I shit you not, "Tammy's Adult Shop." Only the sign says XXXTammy'sXXX Adult Shop." And there's at least one more strip club. And the band hotel is playing "My Sharona."

Otherwise: into Memphis at 5, walked around Beale Street, ate some Mexican food, went for a ride on the downtown loop trolley (partway on the banks of the mighty Mississippi, so awesome and still very high, as wide as Westminster to St Pauls I think), then hopped off and walked to the motel where MLK was shot and got sniffly. From there it was just a few blocks to the Memphis Orpheum where the Steve Martin bluegrass concert was taking place. in short, a good time had by all, and tho only 11 PM I am exhausted!

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