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A new tack to take for June

Looking at my calendar for June, it looks like I'm going to be exercising about three days a week.

Now, while I'm sure this is good for me, I'm not entirely happy about it as it is going to seriously cut into my show schedule.

The way it happened is that I finally got into the physio class that is pretty much the only thing the physio here was going to do for me, and that I now have four sessions of physio class booked this month (5 PM on Tuesdays). This means I have to go to St. George's medical center and go BOUNCE BOUNCE on trampolines or BALANCE BALANCE on tilty circle things or ERRKKK as I do lunges from the top of a half ball thing. And I tell you after my first session today, it is a fucking workout and I am counting it as exercise.

Then in joyous celebration of ditching my counselor I signed up for about as much private Pilates lessons as a girl can fit in in a month. That means I'm going FOUR TIMES. Oy. The wallet. But then my teacher is throwing in free massages this month (as she's practicing for her osteo degree) so it all seems worthwhile.

Finally, I am supposedly going to Pilates at the Y on Mondays. Only, you know, I don't think I'm going to go too much. One Monday I'm away, another Monday I have a play booked ... I am thinking maybe just once this month will be enough. Cause, you know, I am SERIOUSLY getting enough exercise this month. Maybe, with luck, I'll finally get enough sleep, too.
Tags: nhs, pilates, that really fucking hurt
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