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Kayaking in Poole

Yesterday was a fun trip to Poole to check out the rather massive harbor by kayak. wechsler, babysimon and I all went, arriving for a 2PM start. Sadly we were in the Hawaiian style sit on top kayaks, the ones that have the holes letting in the water, so I had my ass in a puddle from the very start. Color me unimpressed. Also color me and Simon uncomfortably wet (though I at had a change of clothes). I was also aggravated because if I'd figured out the kayak type I could have changed into my suit and at least spared myself the irritation, but I didn't realize it until the boat was in the water.

Anyway, we navigated our clunky boats into the harbor (with a family foursome), but the wind picked up and in front of a island sandbar the combination of tide and wind let to little tiny whitecaps and our progress slowed to a snaillike pace. Grr. We chose to not go around a distant island as the crossing would have been agony, and instead tootled around in a quiet bay and looked at deer grazing on the island. W was having a grand old time in a kayak by himself, shooting ahead like an arrow, basically getting to know the machine; S and I were more leisurely. I do always like to poke around. We were all pretty creamed by the time we got back to the landing. I fell asleep instantly on the train; W and I wolfed down a big Indian dinner in Tooting then collapsed without a whole lot of conversation.

That said, more kayaking is definitely in store, and I'm expecting this is a summer where Awesome Will Happen. One thing that won't be happening is an instantaneous replacement for my roommate: only one person was free to look at it today (only 3 people have been in contact) and I don't think it was her style. Ah well. I'll keep at it.
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