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Reviews (Lost Musical "Coco," "Chicken Soup with Barley"), brief update

This has been an interesting week due to both W and J being out of town. I've actually heard more from J, comically, though I think it's because he has easier internet access than W. As I hoped, I've been busy and not too prone to moping - being around people is just the ticket. I do have a new roommate who will be moving in this Saturday - she's 22, drop dead gorgeous, and an entry- level stage manager. And she's fun to talk to, so hopefully living with her will be okay.

I've filled my week with plays, physio, and Pilates, not to mention writing. So I've got my review of Monday's show done, Chicken Soup with Barley (tracking the life of an English Jewish Communist family from about 1938 to 1958, I think alan1957 would like this play, I however found the family bickering depressing beyond words), and Sunday's brilliant musical, Coco (djm4 and I loved it, booklectic should have been there). I skipped last Thursday's ballet - maybe I'll do a mini review, but tonight I've got Luise Miller at the Donmar, Saturday is Ibsen's Emperor and Galilean at the National, so I'm going to have a lot more review writing coming in. And I've now got a house cleaner to come over once a week to help pick up the gap where I'm spending too much time seeing and writing about shows and not enough time writing, because, well, I sure don't want to see fewer shows in order to stay on top of the housework - that would be depressing!

This week also had as a highlight a long, intimate, and incredibly gossipy dinner with countess_sophia, which was SO great, we had so much catching up to do and I really hope I gave as good as I got. God knows I tried to keep up with the drinking, with predictable results for yesterday, which was an all-day training session at work *sob* . We've made plans for future shenanigans and I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit more with her - such a treat!
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