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Sunday afternoon coming down to reality - thinking of kayaking in Europe

I decided to blow off the Chamber Dance Ensemble this afternoon in favor of Getting Stuff Done at Home. Exciting things, I tell you, very exciting things involving rubber gloves and industrial solvents. We do have dinner and Puerto Rico plans for this evening, though, so since I blew most of yesterday either in the Democratic caucus or sleeping on the couch, this afternoon appears to be my only remaining chance to Improve the Conditions of my Living Space. Lord, I wish I had a maid. I think when I was growing up I imagined that everyone would have someone to clean up after them when they were adults. Perhaps I was anticipating having a wife instead of a husband.

Last night I started talking with my brother about our possible trip to Europe this fall. Since our uncle seems not all that excited about having us come see him in Germany (and Octoberfest isn't my idea of a good time), I thought maybe a trip to England/Ireland would be a better choice - especially after running into a member of some Scottish Kayaking club at the paddle-in camp on Espiritu Santo. Blonde, with a pierced belly button, she did not strike me as the typical kayaking enthusiast. However, she did inspire me to research paddling possibilities in that neck of the woods. There are clearly some very nice places to go to in Scotland, but also tons of options I admit I simply hadn't considered before, although the topography clearlylends itself to exploration by water. This might be a very nice trip combined with a jaunt to London. I'd like to do a little more one-on-one with some pre-Raphaelite art, and of course seeing Phillip Pullman's Golden Compass on stage would be great. We'll see how things progress as I work through the next few months and try to figure out what we can afford.

I was very pleased to return from motomotoyama's party with the final book in the Kushiel saga. Everyone needs a little S&M in their SF! I even had a leatherman friend tell me the scenes described in the book were very authentic. I can't wait to dig in, but I'll have to remember to limit my reading on the bus - some chapters simply did not put me in a sitting-in-front-of-the-keyboard frame of mind.

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