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Review, "Emperor and Galilean"

Well, I stayed up until midnight last night and finally crawled out of review debt by finishing my writeup of Emperor and Galilean, the Ibsen play I saw at the National on Saturday. It needs a "tl/dr" warning. I mean, a 3 1/2 hour play is acceptable if it's good. Not if it's boring. Anyway, the staying up thing was kind of not a good plan, but I finally got over 300 hits on my blog for the first time in a month. Technically I could add my ballet review to the list but somehow I don't think I'm going to bother writing it up. Worryingly, I don't think I have any theater planned for the next two weeks; there goes my momentum!

Far better was my trip last night to see X Men at the Camden Odeon with exedore. Since I know nothing about the series really I was able to miss jokes (as in why does the blond kid prefer solitary confinement). In fact, I totally forgot that Xavier is actually in a wheelchair, despite having seen the other Xmen movies. Ah, the advantages of insulation from society and a short memory. I enjoyed it, at any rate, despite its loose attitude toward 60s hair and clothing.

Right, time for breakfast then off to work ... physiotherapy tonight, not really looking forward to it.
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