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Still surprised about June being over so fast ... Blink Twice review

I am trying to look at what I accomplished this month and it's pretty good. I ...
1) found a new roommate
2) broke even on my budget
3) got someone to come over and clean my house once a week (key element of finding new roommate)
4) saw major progress in my ankle as I was able to ceili dance for ages at noirem's wedding
5) didn't cry all month except for happy tears (during the wedding: I am a sap)
6) got my CV updated and started the process of finding a job that has some more substantial challenges (and money)
7) got in lots of Pilates
8) didn't see so much theater (but did see Blink Again last night with exedore)

I think all in all I accomplished a fair bit - no wonder I can hardly remember it! Oh yeah, I ...

9) had a birthday.

I have another life goal coming up: my ILR. I started looking seriously at the paperwork today (application time will be in August) and discovered that the fees I was anticipating paying had gone up from 1300 to about 2000 pounds. Can we say I am NOT happy about this. I also got quite down going through all of my posts about how I got together the paperwork last time ... I'm feeling really inadequate to interpreting the law on my own. And going far back enough I found this post, which means that basically I very correctly guessed what a total pile of crap my personal life was going to turn into here ... I'm very sorry that what I worried about is exactly what happened. All in all I wound up sitting at my desk sighing deeply so very much that one of my coworkers asked me just how bad I was doing given how miserable I sound.

Really, I'm not looking forward to this ILR stuff at all. And I don't like that despite the buckets of cash I've pumped into the UK treasury they still want another giant bucket full. And it all makes me really stressy.

But final good news: the person who was making my life hell at work has found a new job.

With that ... off to bed.
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