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Cramming in Puerto Rico report while server is up

Got in two games of Puerto Rico last night, the first against Nina, Cathy, and Worthy Opponent (won by me, I think, but only a point difference between me and Nina one way or another), then Ken and Julian jumped in while Nina jumped out and Worthy Opponent won while playing two games at the same time (he lost the other). Score was a tight 53 him, 52 me, other scores close except for Julian who wasn't believing any of the advice he read on BoardGameGeek.com. Our hostess Pam made a delightful beef stew. It was a good evening.

Supposedly the environment I'm testing against is going to be going down soon so I'm going to try to race to pick "low hanging fruit" (good bugs) while it's operational - tomorrow we're having a "bug bash" and I want to find everything I can before then - since the total number of "actionable" bugs I find is used to calculate my success in my job during my review. Eek!

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