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Another day in London. Review of Toad at Southwark PLayhouse

Well, I'm getting obsessed about getting a cat. I got a hot tip on some kittens in Lewes, but now it looks like it would be a month before I could go out and get them. Meanwhile there are kittens galore available in London. I suspect I will have a kitten soon one way or another.

Work was dead dull yesterday. I've lost all of my motivation. What is it with the second summer slump with me? I can remember feeling the same way when I worked at TJ. I also only had five things on my to-do list yesterday so that wasn't getting me excited - two of them were "deal with the bureaucracy" items so there's the motivation going even lower. There was a two hour meeting at which I decided the best thing I could do with my time was come up with places to kayak on the river, with the help of my internet-enabled phone; the meeting ended, maybe two things had been decided, it almost seemed like a huge waste of time, but I had some kayaking ideas. NEW JOB NOW PLEASE.

My joy for the evening was meeting babysimon in Southwark and heading to the Southwark Playhouse to see Toad. Well, it would have been my joy, but the play was boring to tears. Poop poop indeed. Joy was found at the wine shop next to Vinopolis, where the nice gentleman got very excited about the wine I wanted, even more excited when he found I spoke French, and proceeded to load me up with vino while he looked for what I wanted (Carignan Vieilles Vignes Vin de Pays de Caux, which wechsler and I had for his birthday dinner in Edinburgh). He didn't find the wine but he promised we would have a tasting of it and a South African one he swore were similar when it showed up next week. He also praised my French effusively. I mean, maybe he was just looking to make a sale, but for me, it was still a very enjoyable ego boost.

*sigh* Anyway, off to work with me now. At least I have my "Flughaven" first flush Darjeeling I bought in Munich to keep me company (I'm guessing the name is because they flew it in like they do for the Beaujolais, though I suspect it was just in a cargo ship).
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